Aldi Running Range

Asking a plus size runner to review your clothing range is like asking someone with multiple allergies to review an all you can eat buffet while blindfolded.

Ok maybe that’s a crap analogy.

What I’m trying to say is it’s a tough job. I have a funny shaped body to start with so finding anything that fits is a challenge, then there are my complex body confidence issues that means even when something does fit I don’t like how it looks anyway…so it was pretty brave of Aldi to ask me for my thoughts on their new running range which hit the stores this week.

Initially they invited me to an exciting launch event, but I couldn’t make it in the end and they sent me some samples to try at home instead. They arrived today.

So here goes…

Socks – I love these socks. On a previous trip to Aldi’s I picked a similar pair of these up to try and then kicked myself for not buying more than one pair as they proved fantastic on a 16 mile training run, with no problems at all. £3.99 for a pack of 3 makes me question why I ever paid nearly £10 for one pair in the lead up to my first marathon.

Insoles – For just £1.99 these little beauties have given my trainers a new lease of life.

Ok now it gets a little more challenging as we move on to the bits of kit where size matters!!!

Running Trousers – Now these confused me a bit, they looked like cycling shorts but when I tried them on they were longer than shorts but not long enough to be considered trousers. They fit ok (a large) but didn’t really flatter my shape at all, maybe I’m just used to my black tights that hold me in in all the right places. £9.99 in a choice of black and purple and in two lengths.

Compression top – Why do you need to compress your top half when you are running was my initial thought. I don’t like wearing tight tops as they show off all my lumps and bumps and this one did just that although the length was good meaning it didn’t ride up as I tested it. Maybe after another bout of weightloss I will build up the courage to wear this in public. Priced at £11.99 this seems like good value though.

And finally…

Running Jacket – my absolute favourite bit of running kit EVER. Now that is saying something. The large fit me, even across the boobs although a little snug on the hips (but I’m working on that) I love the elasticated bits under the arms, the neon trim and the fact it is a dark jacket but not black. I have 3 other running jackets and they are so bright I am embarrassed to wear them, where as this one I could pop to the shops and nobody would think I was deranged or colour blind. I guessed this jacket would come in at about £27.99 still cheap for a jacket…but £15.99 how is that even possible? Amazing value! My only criticism is no zipped pockets, but still a great all round running jacket.

I am pretty impressed with the range. From a style, function, value for money perspective there is nothing critical to say really.

From a size perspective though Aldi could do better. By going up even one size to an XL it would make an almighty difference to larger women, and I guess increase sales.

A few months ago I tried on some running gear in Aldi and because it was too small I walked out with only a pair of socks and today on my Facebook page I hear tales of women having exactly the same issue.

Please, please, please consider going up a size…2 sizes would be awesome. You guys are already bucking a trend from a price perspective, why not show the big guys of running gear you mean business by catering for us larger women too!!

Anyone else been lucky enough to find some Aldi running gear on their size, what did you think?

4 Responses to “Aldi Running Range”
  1. mariekeates says:

    I like the longer short leggings myself, perhaps because I have weird knees. The running jacket sounds interesting but I’m not sure about the lack of zipped pockets, my pockets are always stuffed with snacks and lip balm.

  2. foodymum says:

    Absolutely frustrated that the large is not really a large. Great price points but the only thing that fits me (16-18) are the Skapri’s and the bright summer running top. -the vest fits but is tight :(
    Also the running shorts ‘large’ are 4 inches smaller on the label than the rest of the large sizing.
    I love the socks. I’d like some long ones though!

  3. Catherine says:

    I am a really big girl…266lb, so XXXL is about the size of my needs. Is it asking too much? Tesco does this size in men’s clothes, so I can get T-shirts from there, but other running gear is tough. Tu by Sainsburys isn’t bad, I can get trousers from there and a top that almost fits my lumpy arms. People just don’t want fat girls to run *sigh*.

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